12/05/2015 22:02

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Why ??

Why We Do – what We Do with Robots @ CIT ??


The other day I read a Blog written by Dr. Mari Vircik – my assistant explaining what we really do with those many robots in Center for Intelligent Technology at TU Kosice. Pls read  it is very nicely written with an  aim to expain what really we are doing with them. Have a look at

https://ouraicit.tumblr.com/post/118778934083/what-do-we-do-with-all-these-robots-in-cit  .

After reading this blog I started to think that we do have 21 Robot units and we do have enormous potential. But Why we do that ? Because we earn PhD, MSc.  or asistent professor, associate professor or professor title ? Or for money ? I believe NO – we have not high salaries and if I am professor or not it is really not so big deal. I am proud of obtained titles (prof. , PhD… etc..) but is only a TOOL. Tool to be curious. So basicaly WHY we do it with Robots – because – we are CURIOUS. Curiosity is absoutelly important to be a researcher. Some people are medical doctors, fitness coaches, pilots, manual workers – we are research people.


So IF you are CURIOUS – think to be RESERACHER !



So giving you answer WHY we Do – what we DO @ CIT

I rather ASK YOU to create answers on the following questions as follows:


I do divide these questions into 3 types








Examples of Social Questions are having impact to all the people on this planet :

  1. Will be Robots in our Society e.g., 20 years to come?
  2. If Yes where – What abilities should have ?
  3. IF No – are you serious ? J
  4. Will Robots take jobs from Humans or help to humans ?
  5. Will Robots change our lives ?
  6. Many other questions …


Examples of  Research Questions :

  1. How we will able to make machine able to recognize objects like humans ?
  2. Will the Robots learn  ?
  3. Will each Robot have its own isolated software or connected integrated Cloud Based system ?
  4. How can we achieve easier communication between Humans and Robots ?
  5. Will be something like Robot Ready Environment ?
  6. How will Robots show emotions for Humans – will that be important ?
  7. Many other question ….


Examples of technological Questions :

  1. What will be difference between mobile phone and Robot ??
  2. Cloud Computing can help to Robots ?
  3. Will be a framework for Robots like Orange, O2 , Verizon or Softbank ?
  4. Will have Robots Legs or wheels ?
  5. Does a desing of the Robots have influence on Human Robot communication ?
  6. How will be have energy for Robots ?
  7. Many other questions …





So WHY we do – WHAT we DO  with Those ROBOTS @ CIT?



Simply we are searching answers for above questions

and it is VERY EXCITING !!!!