Fight agaist administration - Quo Vadis ????

16/04/2015 22:40

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I have heard that one PhD student wrote that PhD study is 90 percent of doing Thinking and 10 percent is doing of something else. Fully disagree with this approach. I think this ratio 90/10 depends on the domain you are working a PhD study - but I do think that in the artea of Artificial Intelligence my estimation is aprx. 20 of thinking, 60 of doing experiments and their evaluation , 10 should be teaching and influencing others and 10 is adminstration and other related work. We are facing a problem of administration since many PhD people are working on projects.


The project money is given by agencies ...

Do they have a right where we have given THEIR money ??? Is it moral to control us - if we spend a money in proper way .... ???? The aswer is politicaly "YES" and Technical is "YES-but reasonably". 


What does in mean for us ??? That means we have to "face a music" and find a way how to LOWER an administrative LOAD from us to administrative people. We cannot AVOID it - we have to solve this problem. All young beginners in research who are comming to Academia have to accept that they have to face administration - especially IF they want to travel and make international research and they HAVE to think how to LOWER administration. IF they do not want to do it - they have to leave for PRIVATE sector and work on their own and get money otherwise as via funds. 


Certainlly reserach is not 8 hours job. You are scientist 24 hours and simply weekends and overall strong intererest for research is very important. So you guys if you expect working in Academia 8 hours and go home - this does not work. It is only illusion maybe for a while - but you never be succesfull - you will be maybe looking to the world but not creating a world. 

So I am very eager to support young people with as good condition as it is possible - but they also have to help seniors to take care on administration in distributive manner or creatively come up with ideas how to lower and administration.


I am Open for discussion