Asia trip 2017

24/08/2017 09:44

Dear Friends, 

I have decided to write a blog about a Asia trip 2017. I will be travelling with my colleague Dr. Magyar and also with my son Peter John Sincak - 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student towards mechatronics and maybe robotics. Certainly I am paying all his expenses for a trip on my own .

I hope that all this energy will be useful for Slovak research area and also for my students to report them about the State of the Art of the research in this domain. 




   The main aims of my trip #10 in Asia are as follows :

  1.  Prezent a work @Kyutech Japan and discuss further colaboration   e.g. about IT for with Elderly care
  2. Present a work @Osaka prefectural University and discuss Computational Intelligence 
  3. Visit ATR and discuss a common work to teleoperate Telenoid Robot
  4. Present a work @ Robotics Society of Japan anual conference 
  5. Visit a progresive company Rapyuta Robotics @Tokio
  6. Meeting prof. Hashimoto sensei - vicepresident of Waseda University of Tokio,Japan 
  7. Present a work @ International Industrial Exhibition and Intelligent Service robotics at Nanjing, China 
  8. Present a work @Computer Science Depatment of University of Science and technology @Hefei, China 
  9. Present a work @ Hirota Lab at Beijing University of Technology - in Beijing, China 

Detailed program and Schedule is here  is Schedule-Asia-2017-Sincak-Magyar-final.docx (15811)


I just hope that all will be oki and Lord will help us.