PhD Position @ Department of Cybernetics and AI - Cloud Robotics & AI

27/12/2016 17:17
Call for PhD student in Cloud Social Robotics We open one international position for PhD study in branch of Intelligent Systems - one person at Center for Intelligent Technologies Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Slovakia, EU ( , Topic : Cloud Based...

What we are doing @Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, TU Kosice, Slovakia

27/12/2016 12:26
Our Department consists of 3 Units   Center for Intelligent Technologies - life of this unit you can find here Center for Applied Cybernetics - life of this unit you can find here Center for Bussines Informatics - life of this unit you...

SAMI 2017

27/12/2016 12:19
Dear friends,   This year we are expecting very interesting friends research people on SAMI 2017 conference. Please have a look to plenary and invited people on the WEB page of SAMI 2017 You are cordially invited to the conference for discussion and meeting...

Invitation to meeting in Kosice - Symposium on Emergent Trends in AI and Robotics

13/07/2013 00:00
The conference will provide a unique opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss research directions for the future. Technical topics of the conference include all areas of robotics and artifcial intelligence. ( )...

Visitors notice

03/01/2013 09:49
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Website launched

03/01/2013 09:48
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